10 Powerful Herbs That Fight Period Cramps


Period cramps, dysmenorrhea or menstrual pains are sharp pains in the abdomen that happens to a woman before and during her menstruation. It makes women weak, feel pains and some of them are unable to go about their normal duties during their periods.

Over-the-counter pain relieving drugs are usually taken by women to ease this pain, but these drugs have side effects that are not pleasant. But today I will be suggesting some of the best herbs that you can use to treat menstrual pain in place of drugs.

Herbs are plants that are used as food, spices, fragrances, flavorings and medicine due to their multipurpose medicinal properties. They are very potent in treating numerous medical conditions and can greatly reduce pain in the body including menstrual pain. In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 herbs that are very potent in fighting period cramps.

1. Evening primrose: Studies have found that this plant is effective in eliminating the symptoms of pre-menstrual symptoms.

2. Fennel: Fights nausea and weakness when taken during menstruation and aids blood circulation to the ovaries. Studies found that it reduces the severity of the symptoms because its active ingredient Anethole is a powerful anti-spasm compound that eases cramps.

3. Ginger: This hot herb eases cramps and stops menstrual pain by decreasing the level and activity of prostaglandins, the hormone that cause period cramps. It also fights weaknesses and fatigue that is commonly experienced during period and corrects irregular periods. It combats nausea and inflammation; it also aid digestion thereby combating digestive disturbances that comes along with period cramps. A study conducted in 2009 recorded that women during their period who took 250 mg of ginger four times daily had the same effect as those who took ibuprofen.

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There are many ways to take ginger; you can make tea with it which is the most effective. Pound fresh ginger; as much as you can handle or you can use the root powder, put it in a cup of water and let it boil. Leave it to cool, sieve and drink. You can add lemon or honey or both for taste. Or you can eat it raw or add it generously to your meals; but the best is ginger herbal tea, I have used it and it worked for me.

4. Parsley: This herb is good in stimulating menstrual flow; it treats abnormal menstrual flow and other menstrual cycle irregularities. It is also rich in vitamin B, iron which replace lost blood, calcium and magnesium a natural muscle relaxant. It prevents bloating and retention of water in the body during menstruation that leads to tenderness of the breast; it prevents that feeling of being full in the uterus that comes along with period pain.

5. Chaste berry: This herb is one of the most popular herbs for women and their health; it helps in balancing the hormones, producing more luteinizing hormone and progesterone before or during ovulation, and also treats fertility issues. It is very effective in reducing the levels of progesterone because low level of this hormone leads to pre-menstrual syndrome and period cramps.

6. Chamomile: Its high anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic properties helps in calming contractions of the uterus. It also relaxes the nervous system. Taking chamomile tea two times daily when on your period will help a great deal in relieving period cramps.

7. Basil and Thyme: These herbs contain Caffeic Acid which is an effective natural pain killer. You can take them as tea; with either the fresh or dried leaves or add them generously to your meals. When taken as tea, drink 1 cup every hour to relieve severe pain.

8. Mustard: This is a great pain reliever even for menstrual pain; you are not advised to drink this one. Put two table spoons of crushed seeds or mustard powder to a bowl of warm water, sit down and put your feet in the bowl of warm water for 20 minutes, you will feel the pains go away.

9. Cinnamon: Its great anti-inflammatory effect relieves cramping of the uterus. It is best taken as tea and you can also add it to your meals and drinks.

10. Flaxseeds: The active ingredients of flaxseed Lignans modulate the levels of hormones in the body and reduce the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome or menopause. It also ensures healthy metabolism of estrogens.

With these 10 herbal remedies for menstrual cramp, I believe you will be free from period cramps and stop depending on harmful pain killers.

However, I’ll recommend using these particular herbs on this site here for a fast period cramp treatment. Do you have a better way of treating menstrual cramps? Share with us below.

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