14 Natural Remedies For Relieving Pain Fast


Pains are normal from time to time. We get pains in some parts of our bodies sometimes due to overworking ourselves, stress, health problems and other causes and most of the time drugs are being used to relieve these pains.

In this article, we will be looking at 14 powerful and natural ways we can use to relieve pains at home without spending much money and with no side effects.

1. Hot Pepper: Capsaicin, the active ingredient found in hot Chile peppers, is very potent in relieving pains; it reduces the substance or chemical messenger that carries the pain sensation from the body to the brain and nervous system.

Taking a large quantity of this hot spice in your meals can help reduce any pain that you are experiencing at home like back pain, period cramps and muscle pain.

It can also relieve post-operative pain, pain after amputation or mastectomy, it is also a potent candida killer and candida infection gives joint pains.

2. Aloe Vera Gel: This gel also reduces pain instantly from burns and also stops blisters from forming when applied immediately to the affected area.

It also helps reduce arthritis pain and inflammation. You can consume pure aloe vera gel that has the laxatives removed.

3. Ginger: This powerful herb has many phytochemicals that help it to stop inflammation, reduce joint and muscle pains and also helps with period cramps. You can either eat it raw or you take ginger herbal tea. You can also add it to your meals when preparing it.

To make ginger tea; you can either use freshly grated ginger root or the root powder, you put the quantity you can handle in a cup of water, pour it in a pot and let it boil.

Then you let it cool before drinking it. You can add lemon or honey or both for taste and extra nutrient benefit.

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4. Chamomile: Aromatherapists use the essential oil of this herb to hasten pain relief and promote relaxation; this herb has outstanding pain relief properties, it is also potent against arthritis pain. You can also take the herbal tea.

5. Honey: This is a great remedy for pains from burns from either cooking or hot pressing iron; when you get burnt quickly apply honey over the affected area, immediately the pain ceases and it also prevents the formation of blisters.

6. Turmeric: This spice is good in relieving pain and it has been used traditionally to relieve heartburn, arthritis pain and to relieve inflammation.

Its mechanism of action is not yet clear but its active compound curcumin is responsible for its anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effects.

Add it generously to your meals or take it as tea. Follow the above procedure in ginger tea to also make your turmeric tea. Other issues turmeric can handle are indigestion, ulcers, stomach upset, cancer and psoriasis; but those with gallbladder disease should avoid this spice.

7. Cloves: This herb that is used in spicing meat and other dishes also has medicinal properties due to its active compound eugenol which is a natural pain reliever. It is a great reliever for headaches, toothaches and arthritis inflammation.

It also helps in treating colds and nausea. It is available in the capsule, powder and oil form. Cloves can be used as part of a topical pain reliever.

In fact some over-the-counter pain rubs contain eugenol. To relieve toothache, you can apply very little quantity of clove oil on your gum because too much undiluted clove oil can harm your gum.

It is not advised for people with bleeding disorders or those who are taking medication for blood thinning to consume cloves because raises the risk of abnormal bleeding.

8. Hot and Cold Treatment: Another common home remedy of relieving pain fast is the application of heat and cold directly to the affected area or site of pain.

Most people get confused on when to use cold or heat to ease pain; I will try to clear that here.

Cold treatment is used to reduce swelling and inflammation gotten from a strained muscle, tendons or ligaments.

Cold applied to the head helps with headaches. While heat helps in reducing stiffness that comes with sprains and strains; moist heat also helps with arthritic pains.

9. Epsom Salt: This magnesium rich salt is a natural painkiller; it is potent against bone pain, joint pain and muscle soreness.

It helps also in healing spur pain, painful splinter and even post childbirth soreness; it also reduces inflammation associated with soreness after childbirth.

To relieve pain from splinters, soak the affected area in warm water containing Epsom salt, the salt will help to draw out the splinters painlessly. You can also add ¼ teaspoon to a glass of drinking water or you take a bath with water containing Epsom salt.

10. Drink Enough Water: drinking enough water helps people with back pains because it hydrates the intervertebral disc, it reduces stiffness, it aids the blood in the transport of vital nutrients and healing oxygen round the body, it flush out toxins and prevent constipation which is a side effect of many painkiller drugs.

11. Get Enough Sleep: This will help promote healing and help your body to manage the pain; doing little exercises or meditating can help the body to sleep well and deep.

12. Sunshine and Vitamin D: Spending ten to fifteen minutes in sunrise or sunset or when the sun is not too hot will help the body to produce Vitamin D which helps lessens pains in the body.

Numerous studies have proved that low levels of vitamin D increase the severity of pain felt in the body while the optimum presence of vitamin D helps to soothe pains.

You can also take the supplements and eat lots of fruits and vegetables and also whole eggs to help increase the level of vitamin D in your body.

13. Massage: Massaging the painful area helps to diminish the body’s perception of pain; it also increases the flow of blood which helps in nourishing and healing the body. It also helps the body to relax and releases endorphins in the body. Try this Feet Massage device.

14. Acupuncture: This is an ancient Chinese practice that works wonders in relieving pain by balancing the natural energy pathways of the body.

An experienced acupuncturist can help you by placing tiny needles into your skin where it is believed to be the source of the pain; it can also be inserted far from the body part experiencing the pain.

These insertions make the body to release serotonin, that “feel good” chemical that eases pain.

Though acupuncture helps in relieving all kinds of pains including migraines, various locations of chronic pains and other symptoms but many fear needles.

Acupressure is a new method used in place of acupuncture. Acupressure is easy and painless because it doesn’t make use of needles. One of the best acupressure devices is this Healthy Life Mat.

With these natural painkiller and effective herbs for relieving pain, handling pains at home will be easier and relief will be quicker.

Over-dependence on orthodox painkiller drugs will also be lessened or stopped and besides these drugs acts fast but their side effects are costly.

Some of them are even addictive and they led to complicated health challenges and even deaths due to overdose – so go natural!

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