5 Healthy Tips to Keep Your Ears in Good Condition


One thing about the ear is this, if you do anything that can be injurious to it, there is every likelihood of going deaf if help does not come fast, you can see the more reason why we need take special care of this sensitive organ of the body.

Any slight mistake or step can render the hearing ability redundant, a condition one might carry for the rest of one’s life, am sure you don’t want that for yourself. You need to be very cautious and watchful of those things you never stop doing and which can be injurious to your ears. Why will you increase the volume of radio set to the highest level when you can, of course, make do with a moderate volume?

If you truly want your hearing ability to remain intact until old age, then, adhere to these healthy tips.


Just as I cited above, you need not tune the volume of music to the peak to enjoy whatever it’s dishing out, you are unknowingly killing the ears. At least consider the fate of other people around you if you don’t care for yours.

Listening to such loud sound will continually reduce the effectiveness of the hearing organ not until it gets to a point that it will be rendered totally useless. You can see why you need to put a stop now.

Sharp Objects

Do you enjoy using items like pins and other sharp objects in pricking the ears whenever it itches? You should start seeing yourself as the number one threat to your hearing sense. Any mistake of puncturing the inner drums or other parts can be dangerous, unless urgent step is taken to treat it, you are on your way to having issues with this sensitive area. Why go for sharp objects when there are other safer items?


You need to also watch the rate at which you allow water gets into this vital area, I know there is no way we take our bathe that some drops will not get in-there but intentionally allowing water can damage the ears. If you keep at it repeatedly, just have it at the back of your mind that is just a matter of time before everything goes blank, sure you know what that means.


I want you to note this very important point, you may not know this but it’s the way it works, we don’t really need waste much time cleaning the ears, not that it isn’t necessary but spending like 2-5 minutes is okay.

keeping ear in good condition

The human ear is somehow self-cleaning, main reason why I said you need not waste much time on it. Using only recommended items for such area will do in cleaning some particles if there is any need at all.

Dirt commonly found in such places can be ear wax, application of few drops of baby oil or glycerin will do the magic. It will help in dissolving any dirt around there.


You may be tempted to ask, how do I rest my ears? It’s simple, you cannot rest the ears alone without other parts of the body resting too. Just find time and rest, doing this makes the ear observe some rest too. A sound sleep as at when due helps our hearing ability regains its effectiveness after undergoing a stressful day.

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