6 Simple Steps to Speedily Stop that Running Nose Overnight


I guess you wouldn’t want a runny nose for all the golds in the world, it can be so annoying getting to know you couldn’t stop the continued runny nose of water like mucus, it can be so frustrating in most cases.

Depending on how you look at it, the most common causes of a runny nose is when a fellow catches a cold or caught in the web flu.

Other things that can easily push one to the verge of having this discomfort is when we inhale a high level of dust, fumes and so on, any other unpleasant smell to the nose can also bring it on.

5 Simple Steps to Stop Runny Nose Immediately

Come with me, let’s explore the 6 simple steps to stop that runny nose in 5 minutes.

#1. Spicy Meals

If you are having the stubborn form of runny nose, talking of that type that looks like it’s never going to stop anytime soon, then, spicy meal is the way to go.

Some find spicy foods a tall order, the truth is that it does stop runny nose fast. No doubt, some of these meals do give a runny nose too but will stop after some time, same cannot be said of those ones caused by other factors. Going for chili pepper meals will do the magic without relapse.

#2. Head-Up

Try lie on your back, then face upward for like 20 minutes after taking any available medicine meant for such problem. While laying on your back can do the needful, it is necessary you take some medicine to dry up runny nose.

#3. Get a Hot Bath

As funny as it may sound or look to you, it does work too, just try it out and see how fast that runny nose will dry up in minutes.

There is every possibility of using such period in getting a good steam inhalation while the body is almost covered by the not too hot water, this can only be made possible if you make use of the bathtub. Experts stressed that muscles around the body get relaxed and hot steam is immediately sent to the nostrils, thereby fighting off the inconvenience.

#4. Going For Hot Drinks

Talking of hot drinks, we are not referring to those drinks that will get you intoxicated, all we tried opening your eyes to is getting hot drinks like tea, ginger drinks and so on. Hot drinks taken to fight runny nose is known to quickly stimulate the nerves traceable oral and the nasal cavities.

#5. Steam Inhalation

This is another sure way of putting a quick stop to the problem of a runny nose. It works wonder for anyone that can endure and go through the process.

All you need do is get a bowl of hot water, add oil and other hot menthol that can fight cold, you then take your nose very close to the steam coming out of the solution.

#6. Oil Infused Tissues

All you need to do is get a clean tissue, apply any hot menthol and sniff repeatedly, it goes directly to the point where the problem keeps coming from, and before you know it, your runny nose will dry up fast.

Here are my few simple 6 home remedies of stopping a runny nose fast at home. Do you have other methods, share in the comment box below.

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