6 Simple Ways to Ease Discomfort that Arose as a Result of Overeating


The discomfort that usually comes after overeating can actually be taken care of if the necessary things are done as at the time the issue lasted. All you need do is follow the outlined steps below and get relieved in no time.

Taking too much food isn’t the best as it can be very costly, but when it happens the best bet is to seek a way out. Seeking solution shouldn’t just be anything, the right step ought to be taken not to land the body in the hospital.

Carefully highlighted below are steps that can help ease those pains, discomforts that came up, no thanks to taking too much food.


If you want a quick action to this problem, it will make lots of sense if you go for antacids drugs or liquids. It’s a form of medication that helps burn out stomach acids in record timing. Antacids are also known to help relieves indigestion, not forgetting heartburn some fellow fellows usually experiences.


Herbal tea is highly recommended is such case, it will help in neutralizing the acidic composition that would have built up as a result of the mountain of food earlier taken. Such blend of tea is highly formulated with ingredients that could help deal with such stubborn acid to get needed relieve.

A Walk

Not necessarily a long walk, a certain distance will do not to aggravate what you are presently experiencing. It will no doubt be somehow difficult at first, but as you keep pressing, you will definitely hit the ground running. The amount of food may look as if you will never walk for days, but all that will become history after some steps have been taken. No crime resting at some point during the walk, just make sure you walk for a considerable period and distance.


Look around for a very good peppermint and lick continually, expect some belching after some time. Peppermint is known to fight off acidic compounds, which obviously might have built up in the stomach as a result of the heavy intake of food. It comes in different shades and brands, you can ask the Pharmacist to prescribe the best in stock. Peppermints can also be used for several other complications.

Spicy Lemonade

Going the lemonade way can also do it, it will help clear off the acid giving the fellow sleepless nights. Spicy lemonade has all the powers to help restore that needed relieve in no time. Just make sure the lemonade you settled for is very spicy, ordinary one might take time in giving such result.

Turmeric Roots

The roots are derived from Curcuma plants, it can be used for so many other things but we are limiting it to inconveniences that usually come after taking too much food. Some referred to it as part of the ginger family, no thanks to its shape. A food rich in turmeric can also help ease indigestion to a large extent.

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