6 Unbelievable Diseases Linked to Unclean Water


On hearing the recent statistics that water-related diseases cause 3.4 million deaths each year, you need no angel to tell you that taking clean water should be your utmost concern.

Whenever you hear or read it anywhere that among the top killers is the nature of water we take in, just have it at the back of your mind that is nothing but the truth. Extra caution needed to be taken in ensuring we only take water that is clean, safe and fit for human consumption, anything contrary can spell doom.

So many lives have been cut short no thanks to the consumption of water infected with deadly agents that can be regarded as unfriendly to the human system. If you are unsure of that water, the best bet is to let go, you can always get another.

What Are Some Water Related Diseases?

Here are 6 deadly diseases linked to unclean water.

#1 – Kidney Infection

If you don’t want any issue with your kidney, then watch the kind of water you drink or use in making your meals. Human kidney is so sensitive that it will react almost immediately to any of such dirty things. The ball is in your court to safeguard this sensitive organ.

#2 – Immune Destruction

You must have heard of how low or weak some people’s immune systems are, unclean or dirty water can be one contributory factor. We all need strong immune system to fight off germs and bacteria that usually invade the system, once a fellow’s own is weak, then, expect such body to welcome as many deadly agents as possible.

#3 – Jaundice

Another disease linked to unclean water, the resultant effect shows more on the skin and the eyes. The skin will continually turn yellowish due to pigment obstruction and can be traced to the breakdown of the red blood cells in the body of the victim. Why will you want such for yourself? The onus lies on you to go for clean and healthy water.

#4 – Cancer

A mere mention of this will send shock waves around the body, no doubt, to tell how deadly unclean water can be. Research has proven that people exposed to unhealthy water will likely fall into the dragnet of cancer and if urgent step isn’t taken to reverse such trend, then death looms in such locality. Unclean water kills, do all you can to sensitize people around you and possibly participate in community efforts.

#5 – Cholera

This is one common water-borne disease that has sent millions to their early grave, no doubt, it kills slowly if care is not taken to treat it. Despite having the capability to take life, cholera can be treated if the needful is done at the right time. Once you discover the symptoms which can be vomiting, stooling and the likes, quickly consult your Doctor or any competent Pharmacist for medication.

#6 – Typhoid

You can call it a form of advanced malaria, this ailment can be stubborn to treat if a competent hand is not consulted. There are several cases of typhoid related deaths, this is not supposed to be the case. You need not fall victim, take care of your water and be safe.

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