Are You Asthmatic? Then Avoid these Things in Your Own Interest


I once lost a friend that happened to be asthmatic, he failed to adhere to some safety tips meant for sufferers. It’s such a painful moment losing a childhood friend but it shouldn’t stop me from telling the story for the benefits of others out there, lives will surely be saved if the dangers associated with the asthma are reeled out.

Does asthma need any further introduction?

Well for the sake of giving a broader meaning, I will give a far reach explanation.

Asthma can be explained as that ailment which seizes the free flow of air from passing through the airways to other parts of the body. You can imagine the amount of inconvenience that will arise if such important air isn’t allowed free passage. Your guess is as good as mine as to the likely implication.

Many lives have been cut short in the process, some are lucky to have their medications or inhalers which help in suppressing such an attack.

Are you asthmatic? Do you want to live a normal life? Here are some things you should be wary of as an asthmatic patient.

Asthmatic? Here are Things to Avoid to Live a Normal Life


Make sure you stay away from some fumes which can easily aggravate your conditions, these things are capable of bringing a sudden attack, God help you if you have someone around that can come to your aid.

Whenever you see smokes coming from fried foods in the kitchen, quickly take a walk, as this can bring you some amount of breathing difficulty.

Not forgetting when insecticides are used in a closed room, do yourself a favor by leaving such an environment.

Other fumes can be pesticides usually used in farmlands, fumes from factories or production plants.

Also, take note of your usage of perfumes and deodorants, if you discover such smells tend to bring some sort of breathing issues, the onus falls on you to do the needful.

Strenuous Jobs

It is advisable you desist from engaging or partaking in a task that is far above what your strength can undergo as strenuous works can also bring some amount of breathing difficulty.

At first, most asthmatic patients usually feel they can accomplish a certain task, not until reality dawn on them. Have seen such cases on several occasions, you will pity them when they start gasping for breath. It shows they shouldn’t engage in jobs that can easily bring them discomfort.

Dusty Environment

Asthmatic patients are warned in their own interest to stay far away from any environment that appeared dusty or prone to dust. If your living environment is that dusty, tell your friends or family members to join you in doing a general clean up, let them know your condition, am sure they will see reason with you.

Dust and other particles go through human airways faster than ever imagine, am sure you know this wouldn’t go down well with anyone battling asthma.


Don’t get it twisted please, no one is saying consumption of wine is dangerous but it should be taken with moderation especially for asthmatic patients.

New discoveries have it that sulfites found in most wines to preserve its freshness can go on to bring some level of difficulty in breathing for those battling with the ailment.

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