Are You Battling a Bald Head? Try these 6 Tips to Reverse It


Having male pattern baldness can be embarrassing no doubt, but do you know you can get over such problem with time? All it requires is your consistency and determination to get over it.

Male pattern baldness cure wouldn’t come easy to deal with but you will surely get it right with time. The scalp of such fellow needs all the attention it can get to push out hairs to the bald portion.

If you really want to get rid of baldness and get your groove back, take these key steps.

Scalp Massage

This is very necessary if you want to get the hairs back to the plain place. Due to its sensitiveness, the scalp ought to be given a good massage at the right time, it will help soothe such portion which will, in turn, allow the hairs grows back before you know it.


If you really want to get over the shame that usually comes with a bald head, you need not spend too much time in the sun. Even without explaining this, you ought to know that the hotness of the sun will be dangerous to the scalp. The best bet is to reduce the amount of time spent in such scorching sun. Keeping to such rule will help make the coming of hairs faster as wished.


By keeping the scalp moisturized at all times, it simply means if such fellow is battling bald head, it’s just a matter of time before everything gets back to normal. Nothing kills such scalps quickly by remaining dry and itchy, the moisturisation is surely the way to go.


Going for a good cleanser liquid will be much more preferable at this point as it will help complement the other’s job. Such liquid helps keep any dry part of the head soothed. This can be done by using like 2 teaspoonfuls of a very potent oil cleanser by applying it to the palm of the fellow concerned, the next step is to apply the content in the palm directly to the bald part of the head. Expect positive outcome if done with seriousness, it will definitely work out the way you wanted.

Pre-Shave Oil

If you know your skin is the sensitive one, then, make use of pre-shave oil anytime you feel like shaving that area with outgrown hairs. There are so many oils, which will best fit your kind of skin, all you need do is look around. Many scalps have gotten damaged no thanks to using the wrong set of oil, it will cause an untold situation if you fail to know which will best fit.

Decent Clipper

The set of clipper to be used ought to be a very good one to getting the best result. Tackling a bald head needs all the precautions strictly adhered to, anything short can delay the desired result. Aside from the usage, its maintenance is also of paramount. It should be sharpened and cleaned regularly, by so doing, any form of germs will be eliminated.

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