Are You Prone to Pile? Take these 6 Foods With Caution


There have been questions like is egg good for piles, is banana good for piles, is milk good for piles flying all over the internet. Truly there are foods that irritate hemorrhoids and we should be cautioned in taking these type of foods.

Pile can be very disturbing whenever it rears its ugly head, the fellow will feel inconvenient for the better part of the time the problem occurs. It has been observed that the sufferer might have unknowingly taken some food or drinks which may not be too good for his or her system.

You need to know what is good for your body, most people out there continue to make the same mistake continuously, not until you sit down and re-assess the class of foods and drinks you consume, you may not free yourself from the bondage of pile.

Do you want to free yourself from the troubles of pile? Then, take these 6 foods/drinks with caution.


Not condemning it but its obviously not too good for those that are prone to pile, just a little a bite, that is it, the issue will appear from nowhere. If this food is a kind of delicacy to you, you now know you just have to limit it or better still, look for a substitute, the earlier the better.

Frozen Meals

Despite being a delicacy for so many out there, it may not be for you if you catch pile easily. From now onward, start taking frozen things with caution, so that pile will stay away from your side. Anytime the food is brought before you, if it’s too tempting to ignore, then, take a little bite, not too much.

White Bread

No doubt, a special kind of food to many but can be problematic to pile prone people, a little bite will bring it up easily. You can start going for bread that is not too whitish in color, it will save you the problem of getting to deal with pile every now and then.


Don’t be surprised that milk found its way into the list, it also troubles those prone to pile. We all know how rich and nutritious milk and other milky food and drinks can be, but beware, if you get pile easily. You cannot stay away from milk, no doubt, but always remember your weak point.


Here we are, just take note, if you love taking meat in excess, you just have to beat it down for your own convenience, if you never stop treating pile. Meat is good and highly recommended for the general wellbeing of the body but may not be too nice for those battling pile. Always try to take your eyes off after taking some and stay fit at all times.

Fast Foods

If you are a big fan of fast foods outlets around town and you never stop treating pile, after going through this, is time you reduce your patronage. Fast foods can be an escape route for hunger and those on the go, but might not really be for you. If you even have any cause to visit any, you need to watch the manner of meals you order, consider your health status and be happy you did.

Pile can be so stubborn at times. So if you have been living with pile, read 13 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Pile.

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