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Monday, July 9th, 2018

Dear Friend,

Imagine for a moment your arthritis completely vanishing right now.

If, in a moment, your pain and stiffness melted away. And your joints all of a sudden functioned like a well-oiled machine.

Like a magic wand was waived, you’d be able to jump up from your chair and run around the room like a kid or going up and down the stairs.

And imagine that you’d never have to suffer as much as a pinch of arthritis stiffness or pain ever again.

I know this sounds impossible right now, but bear with me, because sometimes miracles happen.



This is exactly what happened to me in a location I least expected!


It was a gift from a woman on the other side of the world. From the kindness of her heart, she took pity on my suffering and taught me how to completely reverse my arthritis.

This kind act was probably no big deal for the mysterious woman because arthritis is almost nonexistent where she comes from. And even if people were to develop the disease, everyone would know exactly what to do.

She helped hundreds of people in addition to me:

  • Extremely quickly – it immediately worked.
  • Easily – it required only minimal effort.
  • Permanently – I never suffered again.


Today, I want to do the same for you!


I’m going to pay this forward. Take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step through the three-step strategy of:

  • Relieving your pain and stiffness today.
  • Permanently ridding you of the underlying cause of your arthritis.
  • Rebuilding the damage already done to your joints.

All completely naturally, without the use of prescription medications that only make your condition worse in the long haul.

Now, you may have heard there is no cure for arthritis. And this is absolutely true when it comes to the traditional medical system.

But in other parts of the world, where Western medicine is not practised, arthritis is almost nonexistent.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Let me tell you how this all started...


Hi, my name is Moji.

When your husband leaves you on your 56th birthday (which also happens to be Valentine’s Day), it really gets your goat, doesn’t it?

Should I blame him?

I don’t know. I guess I was not so easy to live with back then.

Plus, I got my sweet revenge later, as I’ll tell you in a second.

You see, I met Ademola when we were both in the university. Shortly after we got married, I began to develop Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Things Got Worse...


Carrying three children and being immobile due to my diseases, I added on a lot of weight in the next 10 – 15 years. That put extreme strain on my knee joints, leading to additionally osteoarthritis in my early forties.

It didn’t help that I worked in a small office sitting in front of a computer all day long.

When every move you make feels like torture, you tend to avoid moving. This is probably the number one mistake us who suffer from arthritis make.

This is also one of the main reason obesity is twice as common among people with arthritis than the general public.

I was no exception

Sometimes when the arthritis flares were the worst, I would lie in bed for days and days. Andrew wanted to go to gatherings or go shopping with me, but I couldn’t go with him.

I remember on our 22nd wedding anniversary, we planned to go to an old famous five-star restaurant that was on the second floor. I just couldn’t walk up the steps and we ended up having pizza down the street.

This is a sad reality for a young woman in her early fifties. These were supposed to be our golden years.

Most women our age dread their husband running off with a younger, friskier woman. Well, Ademola got a friskier woman but she was actually two years older than me.

I was devastated

What an asshole to leave his wife of 31 years in her misery and pain.

Ademola left the house immediately after telling me the grave news. He had already packed a suitcase and I assume he drove straight over to the new house he got for his whore.

I just sat frozen at the dinning table in our big house. I couldn’t cry, couldn’t really process what was happening.

And the thought that came to me over and over again was

“How am I going to function on my own?”


The next day I called out of work, saying I was sick. I’d done that a million times due to my arthritis.

But then some kind of insanity hit me.

You see, I always wanted to travel to Asia.

And as I was drowning my sorrow while surfing the internet, an ad popped up for a cheap last-minute flight and hotel to Hong Kong, leaving the next day.

Before I could think about the pain of flying across the world, I bought the ticket and began packing.

I thought it couldn’t be more painful than staying in my house.

I was wrong...

Although I’d popped 12 of the strongest painkillers I had, I didn’t sleep a wink in the small uncomfortable seats on the plane.

When we finally descended in Hong Kong after 16 hours of flying, I didn’t think I could walk off the plane.

As if that wasn’t enough, little did I know that the hotel they put me in was far away from the major tourist or business areas.

I was the only black in sight — it truly felt like authentic China.

How a cup of tea changed my life...

After tossing and turning, trying to sleep for about 12 hours, I decided I should get some kind of refreshment.

More tired than I had ever been in my life and tortured with pain, I limped out of the hotel and sat down in the first restaurant I found.

Then something weird happened.

An older Chinese woman came over to me and without saying a word, she poured me a cup of her “special” Chinese tea.

Then, before I could order, she brought me a bowl of strange-smelling soup.

And, as suddenly as she’d appeared, the woman disappeared without a word.

Well, what else could I do other than drink the tea and eat the soup? After all, I was starving.

Then the most amazing thing happened...


Before I knew it…my body felt better than I could remember.

For the first time in years, my joints loosened up, my pain took a coffee break, and I had energy like I was running on rocket fuel.

It was like my arthritis was completely cured on the spot.

As I was enjoying the last sip of the soup and my newfound freedom, the mysterious woman came up to me from behind and asked in broken English

“Now, how do you feel?”

Believe me when I say…

I didn’t just thank her, I wanted to kiss this old woman!

Her name was “Janerdquo.” As we began to chat, she explained what had just happened to me.

You see, what I didn’t know was that it was no ordinary restaurant.

People from all over Hong Kong went there for a meal, but the food was actually made with specific healing ingredients depending on each person’s condition.

Janerdquo told me she came from a small village in Southeast China. She immediately recognized my arthritis and knew exactly what ingredients to throw into her tea and soup to give me instant relief.


What she told me next put me on a track towards 100% arthritis relief

You may already know that arthritis is one the most common chronic diseases in Nigeria and the Western world. More common than heart disease and diabetes. Over a third of Westerners develop arthritis at some point.

But where Janerdquo comes from, nobody suffers from arthritis. Their healing herbs, lifestyle, and diet are so integrated in their society that most Western diseases don’t exist.

When Janerdquo moved to Hong Kong, she noticed how her and other people from her area began to develop the diseases well known in the developed world.

As they developed lifestyles similar to those of the Western world, the diseases that plagued the Western world began to plague them.

This is proof that arthritis is actually caused by lifestyle rather than genetic predisposition


Janerdquo opened up her little restaurant so that her friends and neighbors could have access to their previous normal, healthy lifestyle.

Over the years, her restaurant has become known in Hong Kong as a place of healing and people all over Hong Kong (and the world) seek her out.

She has had offers to branch out, build a huge restaurant in the center, or even move to the USA, all costs paid. She would never have to worry about money again.

But true to her humbleness, she refused and stayed in her little restaurant.


And then came the promise

I ate at Janerdquo’s every day of my trip. And every day, my pain got less and less severe. After 10 days, I wouldn’t even feel like I had arthritis at all.

But even more importantly, I squeezed every drop of wisdom that I could possibly get out of Janerdquo. And she was more than happy to share it with me.

A couple of days before I left, she made me give her a promise.

She said since there were so many people suffering like me in the Nigeria, I should go back and teach them everything I had learned.

“Go and help those still suffering,” she made me promise!


There was just one major problem with trying to cure arthritis in the Nigeria!

Many of the ingredients and recipes Janerdquo used were native to her area. And when I got back home, I couldn’t find everything I needed.

So, just like Janerdquo’s people, when I got back to my Western lifestyle and diet, my arthritis began to worsen again.

And there began my final battle.

I began to research the nutritional properties of the ingredients Janerdquo used. I spent literally thousands of hours in front of the computer analyzing different plants and herbs.

And this brought me to a…

Shocking discovery...

When researching the ingredients Janerdquo used and their Western counterparts, I came upon study after study that had actually tested those ingredients for arthritis.

And these studies proved their amazing healing powers.

But for some reason, the Western medical system has silenced these studies, so the general public does not know their results.

I guess a N500,000 annual medical bill to treat each arthritis patient is a good motivator for the corrupted pharmaceutical companies.

These studies furthermore strengthen my belief that everyone could cure their arthritis.

Another shocking discovery was indeed…

How EASY it is to cure arthritis!


Surprisingly, I found out that there is a Chinese company who has been into alternative medicine since 1988 and have perfected the combination of the same herbs Janerdquo gave me.

With their very high standard medical facility in China, this herbal company cultivates the herbs in a non-poluted farmland with no fertilizers, process, manufactures and produces these powerful herbs for the whole world to use.

And with these formulated herbal formula...

I didn’t need to make huge diet and lifestyle changes to make this work. I could keep eating 90% of all my favorite foods.

And I could cook all my favorite recipes, only with small adjustments.


And then came the BIG test...

When I came back from Hong Kong, my friends and family were amazed by my recovery.

Since a few of them also suffered from arthritis, they were anxious to try out my newfound healing formula.

Immediately, we ordered for this company's herbal product for arthritis at N31,500 per pack. I became somewhat of a mini-Janerdquo in my community, but without cooking.

And thanks to my research, almost everyone experienced the same amazing recovery with the Greenlife's herbal arthritis products just like I did back then at Janerdquo's place. Very often immediately!


The best part is, it worked for ALL TYPES of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gout

…and every other type of arthritis I’ve ever come across.

Sometimes a little adjustment was needed in the strategy, but most often the exact same thing worked for everyone.

So I decided I’d invest most of my time educating anyone with open ears on how they could treat themselves naturally.


Everything you need to completely heal your arthritis is found in this natural Chinese herbal formula...



Introducing ...

~ Arthritis Care Pack ~



According to the Chinese herbal therapy, there are many botanical combinations formulated to naturally support the body’s bone and joint health.

The Arthritis Care Pack is a combination of Chinese herbs... the same herbs that Janerdquo gave me are all in this 100% pure herbal products - Arthro Power and Detoxin Tablet.


#1. Arthro Power

Arthro Power helps promote and maintain the bone & joint function to cope with discomfort due to the changing season.


Function & Indications:

  • It soothes the channels and quickening the network vessels
  • It dissipates wind and transforming stasis
  • It is used for body pains (neck, shoulder, waist, legs) caused by rheumatism, arthritis, spondylosis, strain of lumbar muscles, gout, etc.


Most deformities experienced started from just pains we sometimes see as "common"


Some people tend to occupy themselves with activities during their free times, such as walking sitting, engaging in any form of sporting activities, even sleeping. All these may not work due to pains.

Some common pains we experience might lead to more severe pains which are likely to grow into permanent deformities.



#2. Detoxin Tablet

Detoxin Tablet is a well known ancient Chinese herbal formula for removing the heat and toxin from the body.

Every day, we gather toxins into our system... from foods we eat, drinks and smoke we inhale from car exhaust or generating set.

These toxins settled down into our system, blocked vital organs and cause the body system to break down.

You need to flush out these toxins and pave the way to a healthier you.

Function & Indications: Clear toxic and heat in liver, heart, and stomach channels with congestion due to phlegm-heat. Symptoms include constipation, fever, inflamed throat or gums, red irritated eyes, ear-ache, toxic swelling, delirium, toothache, headache, dizziness, and oral ulcers, fever.


A combination of Arthro Power and Detoxin Tablet is more efficient than "200 caterpillars" on the popular Ota farm. I know I sound exaggerating, but I am trying to think of the best way to picture the efficiency of these two drugs "combo". They work together in agreement just like a loving husband and wife to carry out environmental sanitation on your system.


Nobody had a problem using the Arthritis Care Pack...

You may have moments of immediate pain relief like I did. Or your process could be more graduate and steady over the 60 days.

Everyone experiences this process a little differently.

But what I can promise you is that each day you’ll feel better and better.

You’ll be more and more flexible and your pain will vanish.

You’ll be able to walk painlessly up steps that you could only dream about a week ago.

You’ll be able to sit with your children or grandchildren on the floor, throw a ball or play cards.

You’ll be able to go out to places you’d avoid today with your partner and friends.

And eventually…


You will be COMPLETELY free of arthritis in under 60 Days!


It doesn’t matter what type of arthritis you suffer from.

Just imagine yourself with your friends and family next month sitting around laughing your hearts out together, pain-free.

Think of your doctor’s jaw-dropping when you do a few knee-ups as you run into his office the next time. He’s not going to believe it.

And think about all the fun things you’re going to do once you’re not a prisoner of arthritis pain and stiffness anymore.

Go ahead. Take a few moments to dream… because it’s going to become true in the next few days.

I’ve shared with you how my dreams came true.

Now it’s time for yours.


So, how do you get the Arthritis Care Pack?

You see, I want to make sure this natural solution will get in the hands of as many Nigerians that really want to make use of it to finally put an end to arthritis and also permanently eradicate all forms of pain.

So, I arranged to get the Arthro Power and Detoxin Tablet in bulk purchase for a special discount.

That means you can now get the Arthritis Care Pack at a very affordable price... compare to the price I bought mine and the price I got it for my family and friends back then.

But, there are only 96 bottles of the Arthro Power and Detoxin Tablet available in stock.... so this is a limited time offer!

Here 's the deal... if you are among those that place an order today, you will get this Arthritis Care Pack at N25,000 only... instead of paying the normal price of N31,500. So when you order today, you enjoy the promo price and save some money.




You can get the Arthritis Care Pack right here on this website. There is no need to go to the store or pharmacy because you can NOT get it there.

In fact, we operate in our Ojota office and online only, bringing high-quality natural health information to people all over the world. 


Option 1: Office Pick Up


For those in or around Lagos that intend to come and buy directly from our office, pls see details of our office address below.



404, Ikorodu Road, Opp. Fidelity Bank, (behind the old pedestrian bridge), Ojota B/Stop, Ojota, Lagos


Note: Ensure to call Mr. John on 08094759192 before coming to confirm if the products are still in stock to avoid disappointment.  

(Office opens from 9am - 5pm, Mondays to Fridays ONLY)


Option 2: Cash on Deliver

We can deliver to your doorstep anywhere you are.

However, you are required to make an upfront payment of N2,000 before delivery (NOT APPLICABLE TO PEOPLE LIVING IN LAGOS).

NOTE: The N2,000 payment is necessary in order to stop those abusing this option. Note that it is more like a commitment fee, which would be deducted from the N25,000.

This means, after paying N2,000 to the bank account below, we will ship your package to you and you will pay N23,000 only to the deliveryman when he gets to you. Fair enough, isn't it?

Pay N2,000 committment fee to the account of our delivery person. You can make cash deposit, mobile transfer or ATM transfer:

  • UBA
  • Olorunfunmi Ojuotimi
  • 2043287815

After payment, pls send the following information to us via Text Message.


Text the CODE with the following information below...

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Date of payment
  • Your Full Delivery Address [House or Office Address]
  • Your Local Government Area

Send this Information as Text Message To 08094759192

E.G. AT PACK, Adebayo John, No 21 Aromire Street, Ikorodu North LGA, Ikorodu, Lagos 08094759192.

Please, be sure to describe your address In an easy format for our courier agent to locate you easily. Again, remember to Include the Local Government and State of your delivery address.

Our agent will reply your text message shortly after we receive your text to confirm your order before we send it to you.

Note: The Product will be packaged discreetly that no one else will know what's inside, and every other information will be kept private and 100% confidential.

Once received, your package would be transferred to our logistic company who will deliver your package to your doorstep.

At the point of receiving it, you pay the delivery man  ₦23,000 Only… DELIVERY IS FREE!

NOTE: Please do NOT send an order message if you won't be cash ready within the next 5 working days before our delivery man get to you. We will appreciate if you do not abuse this cash on delivery option.


Option 3: Online Payment for Non-Nigerians

If you are living outside Nigeria and still want to grab this opportunity of living free of arthritis with our powerful Arthritis Care Pack, you can make use of our online payment option. 

For instructions on how to make an online payment, pls send us an email requesting the amount (in dollar) and link for payment.

Our email is: info@flawlessolution.com

As soon as your payment is confirmed, your pack will be processed for delivery immediately.

PLEASE NOTE - As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an SMS acknowledgement from me. Your Package will be delivered to your doorstep through a courier company within 5 - 7 working days!


Remember, Your Problem Is Curable only if you take action NOW!

I am 100% confident that the Arthritis Care Pack will work for you, and I make bold to say go ahead and get it.


Because after few days of using the herbal formula I am recommending to you now, you’ll be thrilled with how your pain and stiffness vanish. You’ll probably want to send me a bonus :)

We made this guarantee because it has worked for so many people and yours will not be an exception.


The issue is that until today your arthritis has not been your fault.

No medication or traditional medical treatment exists that cure arthritis.

Powerful pharmaceutical companies have hidden studies that prove how natural health methods can cure arthritis.

In fact, until today, there was no way for you to know how to treat your arthritis.

And there is no turning back.

Now you alone hold the responsibility for your arthritis - if you decide to suffer the pain longer or take the natural solution to completely reverse your arthritis within 60 days - starting today!

The ball is your hands and nobody else’s.

Because now you know there is a solution you can follow to completely cure your arthritis in less than 60 days.

It’s all backed up with ancient knowledge as well as 47 scientific studies from some of the most respected universities in the world. So you have 100% proof it will work.

And even if you’re skeptical, at least you could try.

Could you really live with yourself for another day or another minute suffering from arthritis now that you know it can be cured and you did nothing?

That’s why…


You can’t wait… you must act now!


I’m pushing you because I want you to feel as great as I do – starting today!

Thousands of arthritis patients have already benefited from this amazing natural solution.

They’re running around the streets healthier and happier than most “healthy” people out there.

I want you to be as happy as them.

And you’re next!

You are going to be arthritis free within 60 days. And your first step to achieving this is to order your package right now.


It has changed lots of stories, and I know it will DEFINITELY change yours!

It’s as simple as that.

I wish you success and look forward to hearing from you soon!


Tel: 08094759192 (also on WhatsApp)

You can relax and place your order right away without fear of anything.


PS: The DISCOUNT applies ONLY to those who are placing their orders today. After today, price will return to 31,500

P.S.S: Get started now...Order Your Pack Today at the Promo price.

Send order text to 08094759192 now


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