Be Warned! These 5 Foods Can Cause Serious Danger to Your Heart


Many people have asked me some questions like what are the foods that cause heart disease or how does fast food cause heart disease? This is because several people wanted to be sure if foods like pizza is bad for your heart and wanted to know best foods for the heart.

Wee, foods we take in are supposed to go in and add to the well-being of the body, either solid or liquid, but there are some foods we consume that does the exact opposite. This is unknown to many out there, no wonder there is an astronomical increase in the rate of heart diseases.

Medical experts have warned on several occasions to watch what we take so it won’t go behind and hunt the body. Do you know some of these foods kill the heart slowly and before you know it, would have developed into something that will prove difficult to handle.

Try all you can by only going for foods or drinks that can enhance the workability of the heart, talk to health experts for heart healthy foods list if you are finding it hard laying your hands on heart friendly foods.

5 Foods You Should Avoid for a Better and Healthy Heart

Here are five foods that are bad for your heart.

#1. Red Meat

For you to have a healthy heart, experts warned that red meat shouldn’t be made a staple food, it should only be taken occasionally as taking it on a regular basis can do more harm to this vital organ at a speed of light.

Researchers made it known that such meat contains a high level of saturated fat, this particular item is known to have contributed to a higher percentage of cardiovascular diseases, not leaving out the deadly Colorectal Cancer.

Aside all these, it’s advisable you reduce or stay away completely from red meat when you assume a particular age, due to the fragile nature of the heart because it tends to cause more damages to older people.

#2. Sweeteners

Sugar coated items like soft drinks, chocolate, juices and the likes ought to be taken in moderation, you can do away with them if you find a better substitute.

Talking of things we take in that could easily affects the proper functioning of our hearts, sweetened drinks is one key factor. Some of the ingredients used in producing these drinks have been proven to cause more damages to humans far more than we could ever imagine.

#3. Salty Foods

Here is another area we need watch to maintain a good heart because salty foods have been in the list of foods that can cause heart disease. Too much intake of salty foods poses a far damaging effect to this vital organ.

Intake of too much salt means consumption of excess sodium, which is not a friend to human heart. Sodium is also known to increase the chances of developing High Blood Pressure mostly in adults that threw caution to the wind.

#4. High Cholesterol Foods

High intake of foods very high in Cholesterol not only affect the heart, but also goes on to cause other serious health problem if care is not taken. This shouldn’t come to you as a surprise, you must have at one time or the other heard why foods high in cholesterol should be taken less when compared to other foods.

#5. Fatty Foods

This may be a tough one to call but the fact still remains that a greater number of foods we take in different foods outlets can actually damage the heart, rather slowly.

You can never tell, the source or ingredients used in preparing some of the snacks might be injurious to your own health but beneficial to others. More reason why it’s instructional to take more of homemade meals.

Do you know more foods that cause heart disease or foods that are bad for your heart generally? Kindly share with us in the comment form below.

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