Do You Enjoy Skipping Meals? Read 5 Consequences You May Not Know


Yes, most of us are all guilty of this, either skipping lunch at school or skipping meals at work. Well, the sad news is that there are consequences of skipping meals that you may not know.

For whatever reason you may bring forward for skipping meals, you also need to know that you may unknowingly be inviting trouble in a larger proportion. Breaking it down for those asking for skipping meals meaning, you just skipped a meal if you fail to take it as at when due, either intentionally or otherwise.

Some intentionally skip meals for certain reasons which can be trying to watch or lose weight, busy or to cut cost. Whichever reason you may adduce, you must know there are more than 7 consequences of skipping meals and that comes with a serious health implication for trying such. Its better you take your food at the right time and not push the body to a sorry state.

5 Consequences of Skipping Meals

Carefully explained below are 5 health implications of skipping meals

#1 – Massive Weight Gain

Is it not funny? I know you’re shocked to read that.

That a fellow that intentionally skipped meals in order to beat down weight eventually got weightier than envisaged. Experts stressed that the period you used in staying off meals already placed you in a state you can describe as Survival Mode.

You cannot help it, you will take more food to make up for such period when you eventually decided to take something, which automatically brings extra weight you never bargained for.

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