Do You Enjoy Taking Burnt Foods? Serious Facts You Need to Know


Is burnt food good for your heart? This is one of the numerous questions I do receive often. Not only kids, even adults sometimes turn down some foods served that appeared not burnt. To such fellows, not getting to that burnt stage means the foods is not well cooked or simply not ready or fit to be served.

The bitter truth is that you are unknowingly endangering your health with such, no matter how tasty it can be in the mouth.

Eating burnt pizza, burnt meat, burnt snacks or foods, in general, have no known nutritional value it gives to the body, you are only inviting trouble which can go on to cause a problem that might be too tough to handle later on.

It has been advised to stay away or shun such delicacies when served before us. Asking questions like is eating burnt foods bad for you in the first place shouldn’t be asked at all. Why would you want to use your hard earned money in causing such amount of discomfort that usually comes with such food?

Here are Few Reasons Burnt Food is Bad for You

Do you take delight in burnt foods, here are some facts you need to know, it’s nothing but the bitter truth.


Do you wish to keep this deadly disease far away from yourself and every member of your household? Then, keep away from taking or serving burnt foods. Experts made it known that deadly molecule is formed when the food is being prepared at such high temperature, and this can easily result in cancer when such food is taken repeatedly.

Prevention, as we all know, is far cheaper than tackling or sourcing for a cure, cancer will be sent far away from a fellow that chooses a normal cooked food over the burnt ones.

Science also opened our eyes to likely reactions that tend to crop up while the burnt food eventually got to such stage. A certain deadly chemical known as Acrylamide is built up in large proportion, this is known to push such fellow to the brink of cancer.

If only you know the amount of discomfort victims of cancer go through, you will understand why that burnt food isn’t good for your health. You can also in your own little way raise the advocacy in helping to nip such habit in the bud. Many don’t know this not until you bring it to their notice, you can save a life today if you take up the challenge.

Nerve Damage

The presence of deadly agents like Aromatic Hydrocarbon which can easily be found in burnt foods poses a serious health risk. If you take delight or have a special passion for smoked or fried foods that got to that burnt stage, then you are unknowingly pushing yourself to the brink of nerve damage.

Aside the Aromatic Hydrocarbon that brings up such damage to the nerve, it is easily aided by another more deadlier agents known as Heterocyclic Amines. It shouldn’t surprise you that all these are easily formed in burnt foods some of us take as a delicacy. Aside having issue with the nerve, it also aided the coming of cancer in a very likeable form.

Another school of thought even had it that the amount of deadly toxins that build up in burnt sausages is enough to knock out the eater later on.

So now you know that eating burnt pizza, meat, popcorn, or any other burnt food is bad for your heart and health.

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