Do You Sweat Profusely? These 5 Healthy Tips Are All You Need to Stop It


What can be so annoying than knowing your well-ironed clothes is already soaked in sweat? Continuous sweating can be annoying no doubt, but do you know you can help yourself out?

On how to stop excessive sweating all over the body, there are some things you are doing that continued to bring forth the water, you are also in a better position to stop it if you are ready.

Don’t see heavy sweat as a death sentence, it can actually be reversed if the right things are done. Are you really ready to stop that sweat from messing up your clothes?

How to Stop Sweating Naturally

Make use of these tips and see how it will dry up in no time.


It’s time you start making use of antiperspirant, put a stop to the usage of deodorants. Experts made it known that the former has all the agents to help stop profuse sweating in a fellow while the latter is only effective in stopping body odor and leaving the body refreshed.

Some people continue to make the mistake of substituting antiperspirants for deodorant lotions, you are unknowingly paving the way for more water to gush out. Simply put, deodorants will only make you sweat the more.

Staying Hydrated

Does it not sound funny that you need to stay hydrated to stop continuous sweating? Breaking it down, staying hydrated means you take in lots of water, you shouldn’t allow your throat gets dry at any point.

If I am trying to stop water from coming out of my body, why should I still be taking lots of water? I am sure you will ask such a question if you are opportune to come across this piece, the fact remains that one is a waste while the other is a necessity. I am sure you will agree that sweat coming out through the sweat pores are a byproduct of waste.

Visit Your Doctor

Despite being largely a self-induced problem, some people might actually be sweating profusely not out of carelessness but naturally. Those experiencing such problem naturally could be a sign of hyperhidrosis, a certain ailment that needed to be attended to fast.

A competent Medical Personnel will be in a better position to tell what to use to reverse the ugly trend. Aside from hyperhidrosis, it can also be a sign of diaphoresis. Don’t ever resort to self-medication when told of the likely cause, take only the ones prescribed by your Doctor.

Botulinum Toxin

Don’t get confused seeing toxin as likely solution to that excessive sweat you are experiencing, the toxin in this comes in form of an injection. Also effective in tackling stubborn body wrinkles, Botulinum toxins are specifically stamped by the FDA in solving issues like excessive sweat and it has been wonderful all along.

Though, some Doctors sometimes use it directly on the palms of the patient while others prefer the soles under the feet of a patient.


Getting enough rest can also help in reducing the amount of sweat the fellow experiences, rest as we all know help tackle stress that would have generated enough sweat to the body.

As a bonus point, reduce salt intake.

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