Having Issues With Your Voice? Try these 6 Healthy Tips, It Will Help Out


What to drink to have a good voice? Losing one’s precious voice can happen to anyone at any point in time, the onus lies on us to do what is right to regaining such voice back. It’s unhealthy going about with such voice, it can be embarrassing to say the least, except you are the carefree type that you wouldn’t bother.

There are several ways to take care of a cracked voice, gone are the days when you have to make do with it for days, even weeks for some before getting over such a problem. You can now get your precious voice back in hours if you do it right, do you want to know these steps?

Try out these 6 healthy tips and get relieved.

Soothing Beverages

Such beverage has everything you need in rediscovering your voice back, just make sure it is neatly prepared and see how things will fall in place the way you’d wanted. The ingredient used in preparing most beverages can be very helpful in such a situation, going for it will be one of the best choices to make.

Salt Water

Get clean water, add like 2 tablespoons of salt and gargle towards the throat for like a minute repeatedly. No doubt, some will escape through the throat but have it at the back of your mind that you are not supposed to swallow. Too much salt isn’t good for the system. You need to do this with all seriousness and you will get your result in no time.

Voice Rest

Do yourself some good by taking a break so things won’t get out of hands. I really don’t know how to place it, how can you be battling a cracked voice, yet you never stop shouting or speaking continually? Our voice is like an identity, am sure you wouldn’t want to be identified with a naughty identity. Rest for some time and see how the voice will regain its strength.


Trying out Lozenges can also be a very good option is tackling a bad voice, look out for the best in your local store and get some. Some of these sweet likes can be spicy in nature, it goes directly to the point where things went bad. Expect it to clear the problem once it gets to the actual point. Lozenges help, give it a try anytime you have an issue with your voice.

Lots Of Water

Taking glasses of water repeatedly can help ease out the problem, make sure the water you take in is the clean type, taking anything contrary can worsen what you try solving. You need not take it to a point of constipation, your belly will surely tell you when you get to that point of saturation, you must respect such sign when you get it.

Hot Shower

Going for a hot shower can also help in bringing back the voice, the water will help clearing out any form of particles that could have bring forth such coarseness, expect to get better when that happens.

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