How Healthy is Your Tongue? Use these 6 Simple Steps to Care for Your Tongue


Do you know your tongue says a lot about your person? The manner you take care of this vital organ will determine the kind of respect you command while speaking in public. Some people lackadaisical attitudes have led them to have a not too fanciful tongue, a costly mistake if you ask me.

You need to know this, some mouth odors stem from bad management of the tongues if you fail to do the needful, then, be ready to face huge embarrassment while in public. Save yourself the shame by making use of these 6 vital steps that can help restore the uniqueness of your tongue.

Brush the Tongue

There is an erroneous belief out there, some think brushing the tongue is totally unnecessary, they focused attention and strength on the teeth only, this is not supposed to be so.

The tongue has been proven to carry a lot of bacteria, this could have arisen as a result of the food we eat, not leaving out other things we take in. the brush should be placed strategically on the tongue and scrubbed back and forth until it is certain is it clear.

Foods Rich In Vitamin

There is a clear misinformation out there, most people don’t know that the tongue can be termed a muscle, so it will be very beneficial to take foods rich in vitamins.

This will assist the tongue in getting some firmness in readiness to ward off bad and destructive bacteria that usually affect poorly maintained ones. Experts made it known to us that muscles flourish when fed with foods rich in iron and the likes.

Liquid Mouthwash

Dentist also made it known that another sure way of caring for our tongues is in the usage of liquid mouthwash, but is should be the right one recommended for you. You are advice not to start using one bought by any of your family member, it might not be too good for you.

Such mouthwash has what it takes to dissolves and penetrate some hidden areas in the tongue, thereby complementing the job of the toothbrush.

Brush Twice Daily

This shouldn’t be news to all and sundry but what should be taken into cognizance is in the usage of fluoride and other stuff we call toothpaste. Dentist continually warns that we should be wary of the kind of paste we bank on to do the cleaning, some fluoride might not be too suitable for the tongue.

It may work well for your teeth but not for the tongue, take special note and see yourself blessed with a good breathe.

Look at Tongue Regularly

How often do you take a look at your tongue? I challenge people out there to come before me and say they do this regularly. Majority is guilty of this non-challant attitude, looking at the tonguwe will help pointing out any unusual complication.

Noticing it on time will help in taking necessary steps, not waiting till get out of hand.

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