How I Finally Found the Solution to My Husband 1-Minute Sex


My name is Chioma, a Lagos housewife who has been through a lot. I have been married for 7 years and nursing a pain which has made my marriage turned sour.

I and my husband had it going good but it was worse after we welcomed our first child.

Dave, as he was called by me, lost his job then and would not want me to work. He always says his obligation is to meet the needs of his family. I was a full-time housewife and gave our only child all the attention and affection needed.

The quest for a job took its toll on my husband; he will set out early in the morning but to return late at night. We weren’t rich but we were living on the saved funds after the loss of his job. This had a negative effect because we ate deep into it.

A year gone by with no job yet, Dave began his sojourn into a business of his. The funds left was utilized, he gave all to make it work.

Dave was determined and enthusiastic about the business but the home-front suffered for it. Gradually, he wasn’t that concerned about me but his new found love “his business”. He had little or no time for our baby too.

Our sex life was almost heading for the rocks and I was not pleased when he is done with his action on the bed. His performance was below par; he hardly do it up to 3 minutes. Something he has been doing for up to 25 minutes non-stop before.

He always cited excuses for his below par performance, from tiredness, stress and lots more. I wept bitterly because I had been sex starved. Dave, whenever he sets for the race couldn’t but spill even before three minutes – no woman will smile for this type of action. So we had a talk about this and he tried several means but all to no avail…no solution at sight.

Months rolled by, with years counting…his condition was still worrisome because it keeps getting worst – this time around not even up to 2 minutes. I had no choice but to accept my fate.

However, Dave was making headway in his business and I wasn’t a priority to him anymore. Staring at my photo album, I was with smiles but deep within was tormented.

In my quest for a solution to Dave’s predicament, I had to visit a childhood friend known as Ireti at her home. I could confide in her, she did got married few years before ours. She and her husband were having lunch when I arrived. After the meal, we had a ladies talk in which I shared the issue being faced in my home.

She revealed a secret to me which left me speechless. I appreciated her kind gesture and quickly rushed home.  Read Testimonials From Other Men

Days later, on an evening I decided to share the secret with Dave with detailed explanation. He held me close and was full of joy. He applied the secret that evening. The same night, we made love and his performance did improve because I enjoyed it…  

Wow!!! On the fourth day of utilizing the secret, we had several sex routines – 3 rounds to be specific and I was okay with that. Come and see smile all over my face after we are done. That is how a woman should feel after every action with her man.

I was short of words, feels like he had a magic touch because his performance was commendable. With different sex styles utilized, he was the grand commander and was in control. Go to and see how you too can be the man she really wants and last up to 35 minutes in bed just as I’m enjoying now.

Our sex life has been re-positioned and I had a relief. Our marriage has indeed turned a new phase and I believe with this my confession, I can turn up other people’s marriages too.

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