How to Prepare Foods that Help to Cure Back Ache


Generally, back ache often referred to as back pain is one of the popular body sicknesses which emanates from imbalance body posture and malnutrition. Although, back ache cannot be traced to any serious health problems but if allowed to linger, it may result into serious illness.

It is a wise saying that, prevention is better than cure. Eating healthy foods can help resolve myriads of health challenges that come our way on a daily basis. According to Tracey Nethercott, he said, “Science is recognizing that foods can relieve pain as well as- or even better than drugs.” Reports from around the world put the figure of people affected by chronic pain (including back ache) at an average of 116 million.

It is very important to know that food supplements and pills are one of the major factors that facilitate the rapid build-up of chronic pain cycle. ”No matter how well you prescribe medication, chronic sufferers do not get proper relief,” says James Dillard; MD, author of The Chronic Pain Solution.

One of the foods that help to cure back ache is “Mackerel Fish Pepper Soup”. Join me as we go into the kitchen to prepare the food mentioned above. At the end of preparing this mackerel fish pepper soup, I will tell you the reasons for choosing this meal.

Ingredients                         Quantity

Mackerel Fish                     10 medium pieces

Curry, nutmeg                     a tea spoonful

Thyme, ginger, garlic          a tea spoonful

Fresh pepper                      12 seeds

Scent leaf                            a handful

Seasoning Cube                  2 cubes

Water                                  4 cups

Salt                                     to taste

*NOTE: Please use your discretion in the quantity of ingredients above. Women should know better *wink*

Steps on How to Prepare Mackerel Fish Pepper Soup

  1. Make sure you purchase your mackerel fish from reliable source. Reasons will be explained later.

Wash the Mackerel fish with clean water and cut it into 10 (ten) medium sizes

  1. Arrange the mackerel fish in a clean pot and add minimum of 4 cups of clean water
  2. Add a tea spoonful of thyme, ginger and garlic. Note: You will have to blend the ginger and garlic separately without water. The quantity you will blend is based on the required quantity for this meal’s preparation.
  3. You do not have to blend the fresh pepper. Slice the fresh pepper in bits and add. If you can find yellow or unripe pepper, it will be very good to taste compared to the red colour pepper.
  4. You will also blend your scent leaves without adding any water to it. Add the scent leaves to the prepared pot. Note: the prescribed handful of scent leaves is the quantity you need before blending.
  5. Add the 2 (two) seasoning cubes
  6. Allow to boil till the fish is done.
  7. Bring it down and serve.

Reasons for the selected ingredients:

Mackerel is one of the popular cold water fishes. It has been scientifically proven that cold water fishes like mackerel has the required nutrients to heal back ache. So go prepare yourself a nice mackerel fish pepper soup and enjoy.

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