How to use Garlic as an Alternative Therapy to Cure Heart Diseases and Diabetes


One of the vital steps required to be taken in order to live a life free of diabetes and heart disease is total abstinence from junk and other processed foods. Individual who looks forward to a day of total recovery is advised to start developing a positive attitude or appetite for natural foods like garlic.

According to the medical director of the Bay Area Pain and Wellness Centre in Los Gatos, CA, Peter Abaci, said, “It may not be easy to quit junk food but if you stay committed to good nutrition plan, you may be able to say good-bye to diseases.”

In one of my previous articles on; How to Prepare Foods that Help to Cure Back Ache, I did mention garlic as a food recipe and promise to give explanation on the reasons for each of the food recipes after the kitchen section.

Here is an advantage to get to know more about garlic, its functions and how to use it as an alternative therapy to cure diabetes and heart diseases.

Garlic’s botanical name is ‘Allium sativum’ and has a natural strong–scent acerbic-tasting bulb which is predominantly used as food seasoning and in some cases as flavour in cooking and also in traditional medicine. It almost share the same property with onion but very effective compared to onions.

Garlic makes up one of the frequently used vegetable crops in Nigeria and other African countries. This vegetable crop is also seen as valuable crops in other parts of the world like Asia and Europe. The biochemical composition of garlic is very high. Garlic contains protein, vitamin A, B, C and E, and calcium.

Pills are good but never the best option in treating any medical case as it has aftermath effect if not properly monitored. For example, one of the health diseases when discovered in a child can be treated at its early sage but without proper monitoring until the adulthood, such treatment might result into anemia and other diseases. Why? Inasmuch as it was treated with the use of pills and drugs.

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No matter how you make use of herbs or natural foods to tackle a health condition, it has no side effect to be afraid of. According to Dr. James A. Duke, author of the Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods, he said, “Almost always, if we find pharmaceuticals doing the trick, we will also find a plant doing the same trick and doing it more safely.”

How to Prepare Garlic Tea for Heart Diseases and Diabetes

Peel the back of garlic, slice and boil for just 5 minutes. Leave it to steam for 10 minutes and drink constantly. You can also eat it raw. Whenever you are cooking stew or soup, constantly use it as flavor. This is very effective in naturally normalizing blood pressure and blood sugar.

As regards to heart diseases, the eating of garlic helps to reverse the pathological hardening of blood vessel in the heart muscles thereby improving blood circulation in the heart at the same time reduces the level of sugar in the blood which serves as a potential cure for diabetes.

Meanwhile, in one of my previous publications; Garlic and High Blood Pressure: How Much Should You Eat to Lower Blood Pressure? – I discussed how to prepare and consume garlic in right proportion for treating high blood pressure permanently.

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