Mayana Leaf – More Than Just A Decoration


About two years ago, I had these bad reactions in some private areas of my body. They were itchy, painful and very uncomfortable. For anyone that knows me, I am obsessively clean so I knew it wasn’t that I was dirty but just to be sure, I increased my bath time.

When that did not work, I decided that it must be the water, so I tried to purify my bath water but that did not work either.

I am not a fan of drugs but the discomfort was becoming unbearable, so I decided to try some antibiotics and creams like Tribotan and FunbactA (based on prescription of course) but it failed woefully.

At my wit’s end, I ran to the one ‘herbalist’ I know (not the one you see on African Magic with chalk on one eye lol) – my mother.

When I got to her house, she told me to go to the neighbour’s house to ask for a handful of the leaves that they had in their house. When I collected the leaves, I was nothing short of shocked.

What did my mother want to do with these leaves that I remember where merely for decoration of the compound when I was younger? Ignoring my ignorance, she went on to boil the leaves and then asked me to bath with it.

She further instructed that for 2 days, morning and night, I was to use cotton wool to dab the concoction on the affected area. Guess what? By the end of that day, the itching had stopped. After two days, everything had cleared.

This leaf (which I was to come to know as Mayana Plant) was a natural antihistamine- it treats allergic reaction.

11 Health Benefits of Mayana Plant
Mayana Leaf

Health benefits of Mayana plant is still not known to many people, maybe because of its beautiful colour which makes people use it as an ornament.

Mayana plant is a plant that has a lot of health benefits, due to the essential oils and antioxidants in it.

Awesome Health Benefits of Mayana Plant

Intrigued, I decided to research more on this plant and here is what I found:

  1. Mayana plant can be used to treat colds and cough. Boil leaf to extract juice. Mix the juice with honey and ginger and take once a day.

  2. Mayana plant is also good for heartburn (I have tried this personally) and abdominal pain. Simply boil the leaf and allow it to cool down before drinking it.

  3. From my mother’s experience of dealing with diabetes type II, I know Mayana helps lower blood sugar. Boil the leaf, the stem and the flower all together and drink regularly.

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  1. For swellings, bruises and wounds, simply squeeze the juice out of the Mayana plant and put on the affected area, it dries it up and helps it heal. I have tried this personally when I had an injury.

  2. You might not believe this but Mayana helps with headaches as well, simply squeeze the juice and put on the area of the pain, it creates a cooling effect and reduces a headache.

6. Mayana helps to treat haemorrhoids and its symptoms. To prepare Mayana remedy for the treatment of haemorrhoids, boil some Mayana leaves, together with a small Turmeric. Make it cool after boiling and drink a glass of the portion per day and your haemorrhoid will get cured naturally.

  1. The leaf is very effective against boil and ulcer. Here’s how to use it for ulcer; heat the Mayana leaves on the fire but do not burn. Afterwards, paste the leaves on the part with ulcers and compress it for several minutes.

  2. Mayana plant has a very good property that helps relieve and cure fever. Making use of Mayana plant will help to heal and lower fever heat naturally. Take the stems and leaves and boil. Allow to cool and drink a half glass daily.

  3. If you are having stomach pain, heartburn or abdominal pain, then using Mayana plant will be a cheap natural solution to these ailments. Boil leaves, allow to cool and drink.

  4. Whenever you’re having a red eye irritation, let Mayana leaf come to mind. It is also good for glaucoma treatment because Mayana plants is one of the ingredients used in eye drops.

  5. Mayana plant is a good natural solution for menstruation disorders or irregular menstruation. To help improves and correct your menstrual cycle, you can try this natural solution by boiling Mayana leaves, allow to cool and drink.

How to Prepare Mayana Tea at Home

Since there are 2 ways of using Mayana, we have 2 different methods of preparing it.

Option #1: If you’re to drink the tea or use it to bath, just cut the leaf, stem and flower, put them inside a clean pot, add clean water and boil. After boiling, let it cool and drink or use it to to take a bath.

Option #2: If you have wound, then all you need is just to squeeze the leaves to extract its juice. Then use the extracted juice on the affected part.

How to Grow Mayana Plant at Home

Growing Mayana plant is easy, simply get a cutting (stem, leaf and root) from a plant. Put the cutting in a flower bed or a container of soil.

Water mildly and use little or no fertilizer. The Plant grows all year round.

Now you know that Mayana plant is not just an ornament, it has numerous health benefits to use and you should start making good use of this plant from now on.

If you have used this miraculous plant before or you just have something to say, please use the comment form below to share your experience.

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This post was originally shared by Faith Ebi and edited by Uncle Jay.

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