Men Beware! These 6 Things Are Killing Your Sex Drive


Sex is one intimate thing that creates a sort of bonding between couples and partners, it has been like that and will remain so till the end of time. Nothing will be more enjoyable than for the partners to come to the table with some amount of drive, such helps in stimulating and help enjoy sex to the fullest.

There are some conditions that will hinder the man from enjoying sex to the fullest, some can be seen as self-made mistakes while others can be natural but medical research made it known that they are majorly man-made errors.

Here are 6 things men need to be wary of, they can easily kill sex drive.

Too Much Alcohol

Do you take delight in always taking beer at a reckless manner that usually got you drunk? Beer is one of those sex drive killers you should stay away from. You need to put a stop to this if you don’t want your sex drive to go bad.

Beer is meant to be taken in moderation and not to the stage of stupor, research proved it, that there is a connection between too much consumption and a decrease in men’s sex drive.


Everything we do in life will bring some degree of stress, just that it varies from one to the other. The nature f your job may be taking too much toll on your health if not watched can go on to kill your sex drive.

A man must provide for the family but there can still be a way of balancing the equation. Create time for leisure to save your marriage.


This is one bad ailment that can easily be handled if the zeal is there, it is mostly man-made, so it can be easily handled.

A depressed man will most definitely find it hard getting that sex drive no matter what his partner could do to arouse. Its one bad state we shouldn’t find ourselves, it kills when not properly handled

Drug Abuse

Another area that should be watched is in the area of substance abuse, if you truly cherish your sex life, then stay away from substances that aren’t recommended by a competent Medical Practioner.

Continuous usage can go on to make a man lose his sex drive totally, with any corrective measures looking like a mirage.


Sugary things in whatever form will not make for a good form for any man that takes delight in such things. The contents of such sugary items have far-reaching effects, which can easily impact negatively on the sex life of such man. In your own interest, take less of these things.


You need to know those meals that usually impede your sex drive, not all foods will obviously be okay for your body. Carelessness has led many guys to a destructive drive when called to action, not until you rediscover yourself and stay away from those harmful meals, you will keep battling to revive your sex agility.

Keep calm to notice foods that lower sex drive and do away with them. Seek help if need be, you are probably to get the right set of food that will revive your sex drive o the fullest.

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