Finally Revealed...

"Let Me Show You for FREE How to Make 50k to 100k Every Month Just by Reading & Posting News on a Secret Website Here in Nigeria"


And You Get Paid Straight to Your Nigerian Bank Account!


Dear Friend,

My name is John and I am a member of this great program called NNU Income Program. 

NIP, for short, is a program designed for Nigerians who are looking to make extra cash on a monthly basis doing little works like logging into a site, reading news and posting news.


Without Boring You With a Lengthy Salesletter...


I will go straight to the business of the day because I already know that we all need that extra money apart from our salary and pocket money.

Who wouldn't like making an extra 50k just by reading and posting news?

Yes, it's not a lot of work and many people are benefitting from this program as you read this letter.

The NNU Income Program guaranteed of generating over 50k to 100k if you do it the right way.

So, this is how much and what you will be doing to make this money:

  • To login to the website, you will earn N50 daily
  • To read news posted on the website, you will earn N2 (we are not interested in this anyways)
  • To post news update to the website, you will earn N100
  • To share Sponsored Post to your Facebook timeline, you will earn N100
  • And when you refer a friend to join the program, you will earn N1,000.

So How Does This Sum Up to 50k to 100k?


Yes, that's a good question.

You see... in any business, profit is a game of numbers.

Now, let me show you how I and my proteges have been raking in at least N50,000 from the NNU Income Program easily.

  1. When you log in every day, you get N50. Do this for 30 days, you earn N1,500

2. Posting of news gets you N100 each. Post just 10 news in a day, you earn N1,000. In 30 days, you make N30,000. You can easily get news from lindaikeji, naij, nairaland, etc and just copy and paste - it's that easy!

3. When you share post to Facebook, you make N100. Do this everyday for 1 month, you earn N3,000.

4. Now when you refer someone to the NNU Income Program, you get N1,000. What if you could refer 1 person every day for 1 month, that is N30,000. I will teach you how to refer easily once you join.

It's easy to refer. I did a total of 67 referrals last month alone.

Now let's do some maths...

From #1 to #4, you will make a total of N64,500 in just ONE month. And that requires just about 2 hours of your time daily.

Did I even mention you earn N500 and not N100 if you happens to be the first person to share Sponsored Post?

 It's too good to be true right?

Yes I know. I was once in your shoe. I also doubted until my friend that told me about the program started earning.

I joined late, but I believe it's better late than never. I am now making some cool and steady income from NNU just by referring, reading and posting news on the NNU website.

So you are ready and wanted to key in immediately right?


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Another 43k


Even on SUNDAYS, You Get Paid


Here's How to Get Started!


To get started with NNU Income Program and start earning, you need to register first and that comes with a shikini one-time registration fee of just N1,600.


What is 1.6k to what you stand to gain from this program?

I am not even charging you to reveal this awesome money-spinal website to you. I am revealing this secret to you on a plater of free gold because I want as many youths as possible to partake and make extra cash for themselves.

Even if it is to be logging into the website every day to earn N50, that will earn you N1,500 at the end of the month. GBAM! You have your money back.

So, what's the big deal in giving it a try?


How to Register...

  • Get Your Money Ready - Make sure your N1,600 is ready in your account.
  • Registration - Click this link to register: http://bit.ly/2urK2ER
  • Payment - You can either pay online using your card on their secure payment gateway or make use of a Coupon Code which can be bought from their distributors.
  • Contact - You can WhatsApp me on 08094759192 for further enquiries.

See How Guys Dey Flenjor With NNU Money

Is this Another Scam?


Capital NO, it is absolutely REAL and GENUINE!

NIP has been operating and paying Nigerians since August 2017 and they are still paying.

The founder of this program is Mr. Paul Samson and NIP has been registered with the C.A.C with registration number 2453653 under the umbrella of G-Cybertech.

Why not key into it while people are making a hell of cash from the program?

What are you afraid of? You only need just N1,600 to join the program.

Click this link to register: http://bit.ly/2urK2ER now!


See Some More Proofs


Are You Still Doubting? Check This Out!


Enough of proofs. Now that you've seen that it is for real, now is the right time to get to work.

But wait, I have some special bonuses for you...


Special Bonuses!


If you register today with my link up there, I'll add you to our Facebook group where you get o meet and interact with over 20,000 other members in this program.

I will also share the secret of how to get people to join through your link and make 1k each from them.

I will be available on WhatsApp 247 to attend to all your questions and help you out.


You see...

I'm not just here to make your financial life better. I am here to really help you make a lot of money from this program if you are not lazy.

I am ready to devote my time to your success!


My 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee


Now you can try the NNU Income Program for a month. NO RISK!

If after you register and pay N1,600 and you don't make a dime in the next 30 days, I will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!


Your finances is now in your hands, especially if you've never made a dime online before.

Instead of wasting time reading news on Linda Ikeji's Blog or Nairaland without been paid, why not try NNU Income Program where you read and post news and get paid for it.

And instead of wasting your data gossiping on Facebook, you could actually be making money while having fun on NNU at the same time.

Will just a token of N1,600 prevent you from making 30k, 50k, 100k or even 200k online?

For the smart hustlers like me, the answer is NO.

Click this link to register: http://bit.ly/2urK2ER now!



Tel: 08094759192 (also on WhatsApp)


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