Smelly Feet? Apply these 8 Healthy Tips for Quick Solution


One question that may be bothering you right now is what causes stinky feet all of a sudden and now you are looking for how to cure smelly feet and shoes, right?

Despite the dirty business you may be engaged in, do you know you can still make your feet the best among the rest? The manner in which this vital part of our body is maintained will surely say a lot about the kind of person we are. Do not allow the odor oozing out of that shoe to stay, do something fast and save yourself the shame.

It is very possible to make those feet of yours stay refreshed all day, if you can apply these 8 healthy tips, they will surely help getting rid of smelly feet.

Perfect Shoes

One thing that usually leads to smelly feet is not using the right kind of shoes, this is very common these days, not until you find that perfect shoes for your feet, you may continue to battle the issue for a long time to come. Be nice to your feet, go for shoes that wouldn’t bring you discomfort.


Making use of deodorants can also help fight off some deadly bacteria that easily attack the feet when the shoes are on. The ingredients contained therein have been proven to help contain whatever threat the deadly bacteria might be planning. Deodorant sprays are easily accessible, lay your hands on a very good brand and be happy you did.

Hot Water Solutions

Whenever you are free, just boil some water, look for a very clean basin, pour the content into it and deep your feet in it when it’s situable to the skin for some minutes. This also helps in keeping the feet bacteria free, moist and soft. You will appreciate the goodness of nature if you try this.


Depending on the nature of the job, some may require you put on fitted shoes for a longer part of the day. Help yourself, whenever the opportunity presents itself, loosen those shoes, just allow some fresh air into those feet of yours. This helps thwart any danger that would have befallen the feet during those long hours of ‘captivity’.

Foot Powder

This helps the feet stay dry and fungus-free when used repeatedly as it should be done. This does not need any special skill, ask people around and you will get it right. Truth be told, if you allow fungus to settle in those special feet of yours, you will not like the eventual turn out of event.

Methylated Spirit

Just like powders, spirits also aids the feet in battling fungus that makes them lose shape, texture and softness. Once your feet began to harden up, then, you have a problem coming. Get cotton wool, deep it in the liquid and use to scrub the feet, it helps greatly.

Exchange Shoes

You need not wear a particular shoe all the time, try and switch for the benefit of the feet. Despite your lean pocket, you can still get shoes that won’t create a big hole into your pocket.


Another crucial thing that should be noted if you truly want nice looking feet is in the area of socks you put on. Make sure the type you choose wouldn’t cause damage or put unnecessary pressure on the feet. If you aren’t comfortable with any, it’s advisable you change and get a better one.

No matter what causes smelly feet or maybe you’ve never had smelly feet until now, getting rid of this is as simple as following the steps listed above.

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