Soursop Leaves: 20 Health Benefits and How to Prepare Soursop Tea


Soursop leaf is more of a miracle gift of nature with amazing health benefits, which include its ability to kill parasites, reduce inflammation, improve respiratory conditions, sedate the body and mind, heal the skin, treat certain kinds of cancer, boost the immune system, soothe the stomach, and relieve pain.

Soursop, known as Annona muricata botanically, originates from South America, South East Asia, and Africa. Today, soursop is widely grown in homes across the country.

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With the recent research that proves that soursop leaves have greater potency on several health conditions, even on the complicated ones, today, we will be looking at the health benefits of soursop leaves and how you can prepare soursop tea for better healing power.

Below are our 20 amazing health benefits of soursop leaves;

#1 – Heals Boils

Soursop is popularly referred to as the herbal remedy for boils for a reason; it is very effective against boils. To use soursop leaves for boils, take some young soursop leaves and rub them on the affected area.

#2 – Treats Back Pain

Soursop leaf is one of the best herbal cure for back pain without any side effects. Just make sure you’re drinking soursop tea once per day and your back will thank you for it.

#3 – Good for Diabetics

Using soursop leaves as a home remedy for diabetes could be one of the best natural solutions for lowering blood sugar.

This is evidence from the result of some studies that show that soursop leaves could stabilize and maintain blood sugar level in your body at the normal range; between 70mg up to 120mg.

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#4 – Treats Eczema

Soursop leaves also have the benefits to treat any disease associated with eczema in a natural way.

To heal yourself from eczema, you could mash some soursop leaves until they become smooth, and then you could rub those soursop leaves onto the area affected by eczema. After you rub them in the area affected by eczema, they can help you to relieve the pain caused by that disease.

#5 – Cures Rheumatism

Rheumatic diseases affect your joints and muscles. Examples are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The leaves of soursop are a good herbal remedy for fighting rheumatics.

How to use? Mash some soursop leaves until they become smooth and apply it on the body affected by pain caused by arthritis twice a day. Drink soursop tea regularly as well.

#6 – Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, popularly called piles, are swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum, similar to varicose veins. Hemorrhoids can at times be serious as it may lead to rectum bleeding, thus becomes very painful.

If you are looking for a home remedy for pile, then soursop leaves are the answer. The leaves contain compounds that can stop rectum bleeding and also relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids.

#7 – Bad Cholesterol

As a result of our daily, unhealthy lifestyle and diets, we tend to gather bad cholesterol into our body and this is very dangerous. Soursop leaves are very effective in reducing and expelling bad cholesterol from your body.

#8 – Helps You Sleep

Soursop leaves are a good source of aromatherapy, thus it can help you sleep. It will make you become relaxed and give you a quality night sleep. So, if you are suffering from insomnia, you could try this herbal aromatherapy.

#9 – Relieves Pain

Some studies have proved that soursop leaves contain analgesic properties, which helps to relieve pain, either internally or externally.

You can apply it internally by drinking soursop tea, or you can also apply it externally by putting it on your open wounds. In case of excessive pain, you could boil about 20 soursop leaves and mix it with the water, and drink it twice per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

#10 – Anti-Aging

Free radicals can cause a lot of problems for your skin’s health associated with signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine line, and heavy pigmentation that can affect your overall appearance.

Soursop leaves contain a high amount of Vitamin C, which is very beneficial in aiding the release of antioxidant that can fight against free radicals.

#11 – Healthy Hair

While on our daily routines, it may be hard to keep our hair healthy. Soursop leaves can contribute to your hair health by treating hair loss, premature ageing and split end. Soursop leaves also inhibit the growth of parasites which could be harmful to your hair.

#12 – Treating Cancer

In fact, this should be our number one on the list because soursop leaf is popularly associated with anti-cancer benefits.

Many studies suggested that soursop leaf is really potent to protect you from any disease associated with cancer, such as lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc. One of the biggest studies conducted says that the compounds in a soursop leaf can inhibit cancer cells and can cure cancer more quickly and more efficiently compared to the advance chemotherapy method.

#13 – Lowers Blood Pressure

Soursop leaf is very effective in lowering and maintaining blood pressure. Brew a few soursop leaves, allow to cool and drink daily and this will lower your blood pressure naturally.

#14 – Anti-tumor

Recent studies also has it that soursop leaves are anti-tumor, thus, you can take soursop tea on a daily basis to prevent tumor.

#15 – Anti-Malaria

Because of its anti-bacterial properties, soursop leaf is said to be effective against malaria.

#16 – Decreases Depression

Soursop fruit has anti-depressive effects, thus, people should consume it regularly to relieve their depression as well as stress.

#17 – Bowel Movements

Controlling regular bowel movements is another benefit of Soursop. It is very rich in fibres that help you avoid constipation. Therefore, when you consume soursop leaves regularly, you can get regular bowel movements.

#18 – Boosts Immune System

Besides reducing the inflammation, the soursop leaf is also useful in boosting the immune system and preventing infections in the body because of its nutrient content.

#19 – Treats Gout

Gout is a common and complex form of arthritis that can affect anyone.

Soursop is quite beneficial in treating gout and this is one of the amazing health benefits of Soursop. It is because of its ability to inhibit uric acid, the main cause of gout. In fact, many medicines for gout available on the market are base on the extract of soursop leaves.

#20 – Prevent Heart and Nerve Diseases

The plant can boost metabolism, stimulate proper blood circulation, and prevent damages to the nerves, thus, it makes the functioning heart and nervous system less damaged and better even when you get older.

How to Prepare Soursop Tea

To effectively utilize the healing power of soursop leaves, you should brew it leaves as follows;

  • Firstly, pure a cup of clean water into a pot.
  • Take about 3 to 5 fresh soursop leaves and tear them apart into small pieces.
  • Put those soursop leaves’ pieces in the water and boil under a moderate temperature for about 15 minutes.
  • Put off the fire and strain the tea.
  • A hot, healthy soursop tea is ready to serve.

You might want to add a half, freshly squeezed lemon to it to give it a fine taste. If you can’t bear the bitter taste, you can also add 1 teaspoon of original honey to the tea.

Warnings and Side Effects of Drinking Soursop Tea

While taking the soursop leaves will bring you the tons of greatness to your overall health, like any other leaves, they also have some side effects that you should consider before you try to take them.

Here are some side effects you should note before using soursop leaves or drinking soursop tea.

1. Pregnant Women

Pregnant and lactating women should not take soursop tea because safety to babies and fetus cannot be determined.

2. Parkinson’s Disease

Some studies show that soursop leaves have chemical compounds that are also present in a human suffering from Parkinson. So, anyone who has a history of Parkinson disorder or currently suffering from it need to avoid soursop leaves since they might make your symptoms become worse than before.

3. Neurotoxicity Problem

According to some researchers, consuming too much of soursop tea will bring you a problem related to neurotoxicity. Neurotoxicity is a kind of brain damage that can eventually disrupt the neurons. The symptoms of this neurotoxicity disorder is really dangerous, such as memory loss, headache, and sexual dysfunction. So, you should consume soursop tea in moderate amounts. If you consume it 2 or 3 cups per day, you will be safe from this neurotoxicity problem.

4. Hypotension Patients

There are some experiments conducted on animals that show that soursop leaves can reduce the blood pressure level in the body. So, it would be very dangerous if people with low blood pressure consume it and they must avoid it at all cost.

But, if you have high blood pressure, you should also watch out about the dosage of these leaves that you must consume since too much of it can lead to various problems like neurotoxicity as already mentioned above, and also vomiting or nausea.

So far, you have learnt 20 health benefits of soursop leaves, how to prepare soursop tea and the complications of taking soursop leaves. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment section below. And if you find this article useful, please share with your friends and family.

In conclusion, home remedies are powerful and effective but it is important to always consult your doctor before embarking on a natural solution like this one.

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