Suffering from Ulcer? Stay Away from these Foods and Drinks


If you are suffering from ulcer, then you should be looking out for foods that help ulcers, foods for ulcer healing. I mean ulcer friendly foods.

Ulcer is one serious issue that shouldn’t be handled with kid gloves, it needs all the attention it can get. Right from the foods you take down to the drinks you cannot do without, you ought to know which isn’t good for ulcer, anything short of taking precaution can be deadly.

The problem can be handled if you stick to certain stomach ulcer diet menu, guidelines and health tips, anything contrary will only cause you discomfort. Follow the tips in this write up to the best of your knowledge and live a normal life just like anyone without ulcer.

So what are the best foods to eat when you have an ulcer?

Well, this article will be focusing on the worst foods for ulcer. For best foods for ulcer relief, read this article on ulcer 16 Easy-to-Use Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcer.

Are you an ulcer patient and want to live a normal life? Then, stay far away from these foods/ drinks in your own interest.


The drink is not bad in entirety but must be taken with caution if you are suffering from ulcer. People without it can take it at any time but not so for those suffering from the ailment. Coffee is not known to cause ulcer but kind of irritate it greatly to the extent that the sufferer becomes unsettled for the remaining part of the day. So it’s either to stay off completely or take a little if there is a need at all.

Alcoholic Drinks

Save yourself the troubles and stay away from things like beer and other alcoholic drinks that can easily aggravate the problem. Your ulcer cannot withstand such things, don’t try to experiment in any way if truly value your life, shun it completely. If you find yourself at a party or a get-together where such drinks are served, let them know or simply walk away, your health should be paramount to you not trying to please the organizers of such party.

Spicy Foods

Without doubt, if you are looking for the number one enemy of ulcer patients, then, we should look in the direction of spicy foods or simply say foods with lots of pepper. This is one area they shouldn’t thread at all for their own good. Due to the open wound ulcer comes with, taking any spicy food will bring nothing but serious complications whose result can be unpredictable.


Don’t be deceived, you cannot take consume the volume of salt people without ulcer takes, your condition is just not suitable for it. If your guys are eating meals high in salt, look away and take only thing s that wouldn’t cause you troubles.

Processed Meals

Taking foods that are processed is also not good for anyone battling ulcer, it will give you problem if you take any. There are so many other foods to go for that will give better nutrients than some of the processed foods you might be eyeing, it’s advisable you do the needful and shun the unneedful.

Acidic Foods

Depending on the kind placed before you, just know that this class of food or drink can also inflame that ulcer, so is better you stop taking it. Things like Citrus is known to be very high in acid, so it should be avoided like a plaque.

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