These 6 Tips Will Help Give a Clean Menstrual Flow


Our women are indeed special no doubt, more reason why we ought to do everything humanly possible to support them in every way, they are our sisters, friends and above all, our mothers. Immediately little girls get to a certain age they are expected to start observing their menstrual flows as at when due, there are little things they ought to know.

How clean and easy is your own menstrual flow? Believe me, don’t expect to get favorable response from 7 out of 10 girls/ ladies you pushed such question to, it goes on to show many kept experiencing issues their periods.

If you desire a clean menstrual period, try to stick to these 6 simple tasks.

Note Taking

This is one action a lady should always take note of, anything short of taking a good note may not augur well, is never too late to start if you’ve overlooked it in the past. Record any issues you kept experiencing while observing your menstruation, this will help in finding a solution when any serious issue crop up. Permit me to say this, some ladies are simply careless in this regard and it goes on to torture them to some extent.

Light Exercises

Make out time and engage in some light exercises that wouldn’t take its toll on your health, we all know we cannot compare the amount of strength in men with that of women. Such work out help in ensuring clean and easy flow when the time comes, don’t wait to be told, get up and start today. Simple exercises like walking for some distances daily will do.

Clean Water

You need to take lots of water to keep the body hydrated and in readiness for the next flow. Make sure the water you take in is clean, do you even need to be told to take clean water? Experts made it known that ladies that takes a considerable amount of water tend to have an easy menstrual flow when compared with ladies that see no reason in taking more water.

Stop Self Medication

Some women are very fond of this, they take drugs not certified fit for them, this sometimes works against the system, thereby bringing pain when menstruation is about to be observed. Considering the sensitiveness of the female system, you cannot just take pills that are not recommended for you, you are indirectly inviting more trouble to your side.

A Doctor once told of how many of his patients that were admitted for menstrual issues had issues of pills abuse, they’ve been taking medicines on their own, which later came to hunt them while doing their menstruation.

Are you guilty of such? You need to stop right away.

Avoid Caffeine

Do you have special likes for taking caffeine and the likes, you need to find a substitute if you want your menstrual flow to come easy and clean, the ball is in your court. The agents contained in these things have been discovered not healthy for women flows.

No To Soaps

Usage of soaps or any other foamy materials for the vagina is strictly unhealthy and a NO NO, this is what you should even press into the ears of the little teenagers that are observing their flows for the first time. This can contribute to serious complications, part of which can include dirty and painful flows.

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