These Are the Key Reasons Why Asians Live Longer than Other Continents


There are over 50 ways to live longer but only a few things to learn from the Asian when it comes to how to live longer. It’s everyone’s wish to live long before returning to the Creator, so unfortunate this is not the case in so many countries of the world.

It’s so bad you see the life expectancy in other continents aside Asia to be as low as 42, will you call that an old-age? Obviously not, am sure you wouldn’t want such for yourself if a Japanese or Chinese man can get to 90 what stops me from getting to at least 75years before kissing the earth goodbye?

Award of record to World’s Oldest Man at 111years, Sakari Momoi, taken in 2013

It means there is something these people are doing right, the things they are doing can be further broken down to what they eat, drink, their manner of rest and so on. Such things are what you won’t get in other areas, the main reason why they keep on playing second fiddle to the Asians when talking of longevity.

Questions like what foods can make you live longer, food to eat to live longer, habits for long life and how to live longer and feel better keep rising on a daily basis. Do you wish to live long till old-age? Then, try these key steps known with the Asians.


Research made it known that the key reason behind the Asians living till old age is based on the nature of what they eat, they go for the best set of meals. These are meals that give nutrients in an unquantifiable volume when placed side by side with other foods which can best be termed poisons. Experts made it known that those that take fresh foods are less likely to develop complications that tend to lower life expectancy.

Without mincing words, it’s a known fact that lower calorie meals do the body lots of goods, aside that they nourishes, they have what it takes to bar deadly diseases from attacking the system. Healthy foods like green leafy vegetables, fresh fishes, prawns, just to mention a few guarantees a longer and healthier life.


It is on record that the Asians, particularly the Japanese and Chinese, makes some local brews that are highly medicinal. They are very conscious of the kind of stuff they drink, they know the likely implications of taking liquids that have little or nothing to offer the body.

The Continent is also known to be on top when talking of areas that drink clean water. It will amaze you that despite having the technological know-how to process their waters, their local style is very fascinating.

Children Support

Unlike what entails in other areas, the Asians are largely known to taking special care of their aged population, a step that continued improving their life expectancy. No doubt, that support alone will go a long way in making these old people feel loved, such love will gladden their hearts which will ultimately give that rest of mind.

Expect an 80-year-old man to still enjoy some years if all these cares and support are given repeatedly, such luxury of longevity can never be the lot of those that have to toil and suffer at such critical age.

After reading this, I see no reason why you shouldn’t start caring for your aged parents. That care alone will go a long way in ensuring they still play with their grandkids, you know what that means.

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