Top 5 Unknown Health Benefits of Taking More Onions


The offensive smell that usually emanates tend to put some people off when preparing this wonderful food item, if only they know what they are missing, they would withstand such smell. No matter the volume taken, it has no visible side effect, this cannot be said of some other foods.

A recent research had it that foods prepared should be rich with onions because of its far-reaching benefits, I wonder who wouldn’t want the best of health, no wonder doctors never stop saying “we are what we take in”.

Here are recently released unknown benefits of onions to human health

5 Health Benefits of Onions to Your Health

#1 – Weight Loss

Testimonies abound, as to how an increase in the consumption of raw onions and foods prepared with a high volume of onions help reduce the weight of people battling obesity. We all know the dangers of being too fat, it will only be beneficial if the right thing is done in controlling such.

Due to the high concentration of anti-inflammatory agents, this goes on to gather the fat in such body and help in faster metabolic reactions, that will quicken such weight loss. Even though they said a faster result is achieved if chewed raw, a considerable result will still be gotten when spiced with food intake.

2 – Cleanser

Seasoned Medical Practitioners never stop warning the general public in consumption of the numerous drugs that flooded the market, which claimed to the best in the area of cleansing the body. Majority of these drugs may not really do what is got for but go to do more damage to the body. Onions are a natural food supplement that can easily do this without any side effects.

Due to its high concentration of antihistamine, the body is cleared of unwanted particles that can gather and result in deadly diseases like Diabetes and the likes.

#3 – Fights Cancer

When talking of one food item that inhibits the growth of Cancer in humans, onions is one, experts made it known that a certain Active Compounds contained in every onion will make it nearly impossible for the deadly disease to rear its head. One of these compounds includes Quercetin, an antioxidant considered very powerful. This is one fact not known to many out there.

#4 – Anti-Bacterial Agents

If you truly want to fight off bacteria and other deadly particles not visible to the eyes, then make onions a steady part of your meal. It has been revealed how onions help in deterring these deadly particles from having anything to do with our lives. I wonder who will not want his environment bacteria free

#5 – Smooth Skin

Dieticians advised we spice our foods with more of onions than other items that have no immediate benefits to us. The powerful agents contained therein has been proven to help in nurturing the skin, thereby, making us look younger than our real age.

It is also noteworthy to note that onions help clear off wrinkles, no matter how stubborn or defiant. The skin will now become more supple and soft

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