Want to Live Long? Avoid this Set of Foods and Drinks


There are many lists of foods to eat to live longer but only a few on foods to avoid to live longer and healthier.

We all wish, looking for what to eat to live to 100 and even pray to live to a certain age in life we can all look back and say, yes, I lived a worthy life to such an old age. You need to watch every food and drink you take in, if they look suspect to you, the best bet will be to look the other way.

Don’t spend your finances on things that will impact negatively on your health, which can then go on to reduce one’s lifespan. If you truly want to live till old age, you must know what to take and what not.

5 Foods and Drinks to Avoid to Live a Longer and Healthier Life

Here are those foods/drinks that can easily limit one’s lifespan when taken continually.

Sugary Soda

This is one drink that impacts badly on the health of a fellow that enjoys taking such. Sugary soda has little benefits it has on offer, why take it with so much relish? Research has shown how bad such class of drink can be on the life of humans, the making of such drink should also be taken into consideration.

Red Meat

Talking of one source of sudden death, then, look the way of red meat. Not entirely bad but a greater percentage tend to go poisonous with time. There are certain cells in humans known as telomeres, it is known in the medical world as the clock of life. Taking of deadly foods like red meat tend to deplete one’s telomeres. If you are to go for a meat, go for white meats that wouldn’t cause you problems.

Junk Meals

Try everything within you to always take your eyes off foods like this, they can be very injurious to one’s health. Talking of foods that could possibly hamper one’s lifespan, this is one.

The mode and manner of preparing most junk foods led so much credence to the many dangers lying in. a greater percentage of manufacturer of junk meals don’t give a hoot whether it does your body any good or not, what they are mostly after is the profit that will creep in at the end of it all.

Alcoholic Drinks

Isn’t it rather funny that alcohol always finds its way into the bad arena when listing certain items as can be ascribed to what they are capable of? The reason isn’t far-fetched, alcoholic content has also proven to be an enemy to the telomeres found in the human body, it also has the power to deplete this very important aspect of our lives, thereby, reducing such fellow to a walking corpse.

Salty Meals

You need not be told that salt ought to be taken in moderation, no matter how healthy you feel you are, taking of meals that have high concentration of sodium might be counterproductive.

You are not doing the body any good, rather you are working against it. Doctors never stopped telling his patients how these items go on to weaken certain cells in the body of any fellow that never stop taking it. A little salt in your stew wouldn’t make it bad for eating, in fact, you even enjoy meals more when salt application is done with sense.

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